If you've been looking for cute café in Colorado, one has opened in Loveland. It's a shame that the brewer couldn't make their successful concept work in the space, but sometimes it's about timing.

What's interesting about this, is that it's sill looks a lot like the former's space, and still has beer. The cafe has a selection of local beers, instead, however.

HUB Café by Fresh Plate sounds "fancy," but really, it's more "laid back," than it is fancy. Fresh Plate is a catering company out of Loveland that has been around since 2020; this is one of their "brick and mortar" version of serving the community.

Their other café, COL Kitchen & Café, is located in southwest Loveland inside The Forge, along with Grimm Brothers Brewery and Crow Hop Brewing, as well as other local businesses.

If you're not familiar, HUB is a gathering spot-cafe-leasing information building located in the ever-developing Kinston development in northwest Loveland, near the Promenade Shops at Centerra. The HUB is open to everyone, though.

When HUB first opened, Mountain Cowboy Brewing (taproom) was located there. This was their second location, with their first being in Frederick.

Both locations, as of April of 2024, are now closed.

Cowboy Mountain Brewing sign

Mountain Cowboy's concept, from the beginning, had been about beer, coffee, and coffee-related food (muffins, etc.) I'm not sure what, exactly, happened to Mountain Cowboy; it's a shame to see them go.

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HUB Café officially opened its doors in early April of 2024. I went out for lunch a couple of weeks later, to check things out. I think it's a great addition to the area: relaxing, with plenty of space, plenty of beers, and great food.

Take a look:

Great New Café Opens Where a Colorado Brewery Once Was

If you've been looking for cute café in Colorado, one has opened in Loveland.

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