A planned Colorado golf course that's been in the making since at least 2020, is starting to come to fruition.

The course, not far from the crazy-popular Buc-ee's, will bring even more people to Johnstown.

Those who enjoy a good game of golf will be excited that there is a new course to shoot at; while those who love Buc-ee's can also throw their golf bags in the car before heading out to the convenience store.

New Golf Course Coming to Johnstown, Colorado

Bella Ridge Golf Course is coming to Johnstown off of County Road 44 (Highway 56) and Colorado Boulevard. The property was home to a dairy farm for decades; now it will be home to one of Colorado's newest courses.

Bella Ridge Golf Course Location
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The golf architect that designed the TPC course in Berthoud and the Highland Meadows course in Windsor is the same one who has designed the upcoming pubic course, Bella Ridge, according to ColoradoAvidGolfer.com. 

Not to Be Confused with Bella Rosa Golf

About 12 miles south of where Bella Ridge Golf will be, is Frederick, Colorado, where you'll find the Bella Rosa Golf Course, managed and run by the town.

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That course has been around since before 2007; with Bella Ridge coming, it could give those Frederick golfers a nice option.

Who Will Manage Belle Ridge Golf?

According to ColoradoAvidGolfer.com, Troon will be managing the course. They are the world's largest golf-related hospitality management company, with over 875 properties under their umbrella.

What Will the New Bella Ridge Golf Course in Colorado Feature?

  • 18 holes. 6-hole, 3-hole, 9-hole, and 18-hole options.
  • 20,000-square-foot putting green.
  • 400-yard driving range.
  • 2-acre short-game area.

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When Will Bella Ridge Golf Course in Colorado be Open

By the time golf season rolls around in 2025, Bella Ridge should be in operation; by that time, things may have settle down at the Colorado Buc-ee's.

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