Tim Tebow has always been a class act, but he's even more so after what he did for a fan suffering from a seizure in the hot Arizona sun.

The former Broncos quarterback was signing autographs at a Mets game in Glendale when a fan laid on the ground as he suffered from a seizure, USA TODAY reports. Tebow stayed with the still-alert fan for about 15 minutes while they waited for paramedics to arrive, simply talking to the man and telling him he would reach out once more before leaving the field. They also joked back and forth about being fans of rival college teams (Tebow from University of Florida and the man a fan of the University of Georgia).

The man, who identified himself as Brandon, says the seizure likely resulted from a brain tumor of frontal lobe epilepsy.

Other fans saluted Tebow as he headed for the bus on his way out.