Our state has thousands of great companies and many of them are located in Northern Colorado. I created top 5 list of "Five Christmas Gifts made right here in Northern Colorado" and I didn't even mention all the breweries. Feel free to add to my list.

5. MouCo Cheese from Fort Collins

MouCo Cheese
Courtesy of MouCo Cheese Company

In June of 2001 MouCo Cheese Company was born.  I love their traditional Camembert cheese. They also have Colorouge, Truffello, Ashley, Pepbert, and Fetish. If you are a cheese-lover, this is the perfect gift

4. Coyote Gold Margaritas from Fort Collins

Coyote Gold
Todd Harding, TSM

"Co-founders of Coyote Gold, Mo and Randy, tasted restaurant margaritas, recipes from friends, and all the ready-to-serve brands at the liquor store.  They were disappointed by nearly every restaurant or ready-to-serve margarita. Most were too sweet, too sour, or tasted like gasoline, and ready-to-serve margaritas were simply horrible. In 1998, Mo and Randy began a quest to develop the perfect margarita. " They succeeded. My wife loves them. Shhhhh! It just might be on my list.

3. Wool hat from Icebox Knitting in Longmont

Dohm HandPaint Beanie
Icebox Knitting via YouTube

Icebox Knitting Mill in Longmont is the maker of two very distinct brands of knit headwear and accessories; Dohm Headwear and Xob Upcycled. They both make some very cool hats for when it is cool outside or downright cold. By the way, I need a new stocking cap...hint....hint.

2. Chocolate from Nuance Chocolate in Fort Collins

Nuance Chocolate
Todd Harding, TSM

Nuance Chocolate boasts, "Authentic, honest, spirited bean-to-bar chocolate, made straight from beans roasted and ground in Old Town Fort Collins." Need I say more? Who wouldn't want chocolate for Christmas?

1. Cowboy hat from Greeley Hat Works

Trent Johnson - Owner of Greeley Hat Works
Courtesy of Colorado State University

Trent Johnson from Greeley Hat Works has made cowboy hats for U.S. Presidents. He even made a hat for Brian Gary. He could make a hat for you too or someone you really care about. This is one of the classiest Northern Colorado gifts you could ever get anyone.

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