When it comes to great bars in Colorado, one of the bars in Downtown Loveland should always be on that list. From its beginning, its name alone has drawn people in.

Lots of bars in Colorado have great names; they might have a person's name (Bob's Bar,) they might have a silly name (Ghost Donkey,) or you could have a drink in a bar named after a butt.

Loveland's Rear of the Steer Bar in Downtown
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In 2016, The Black Steer in Downtown Loveland celebrated its 50th year in business. A part of Loveland's oldest restaurant is its back bar, the "Rear of the Steer."

How Old is Loveland, Colorado's, Oldest Bar?

This bar, having been around since 1966, has seen hundreds of thousands of Lovelanders and other Coloradans pass through its doors. Patrons laughing, arguing, smoking cigarettes, having drinks, maybe grabbing a meal.

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When you walk into "The Rear" from that back parking lot of The Black Steer, you not only feel like you've stepped back in time, but you feel at home in a modern setting.

On one hand, you can picture Frank Sinatra having had a drink there; on the other, you see your friends waiting for you at a booth.

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The Black Steer and the Rear of the Steer are a much a part of Loveland's history as the former depot and the former sugar factory. Generations of Lovelanders have been into the restaurant and "The Rear."

Decades of Dates and More in Downtown Loveland

Thousands and thousands of dates, celebrations, business meetings, and "just meeting for a drink," have taken place at the small bar. Close your eyes and you might be able to hear an old conversation about Watergate, or maybe the latest episode of "Barney Miller."

Old Colorado Bar Named After a Butt

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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