For years and years, this restaurant spot in Loveland, Colorado, has an iconic palace-like façade. Drive by today, and you'll find that's all gone.

Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro opened in Loveland in 2019; just over three years later, things are going so well that they'll be closed for three months. The biggest change is definitely how that "palace" isn't there, anymore.

Durbar Loveland
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While driving for breakfast recently in Loveland, I passed by Durbar and nearly drove off the road. The place is hardly recognizable without that "palace" out front.

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That building has a long history of being the home to Asian/Indian food. For a few years before it was Durbar, it was Ocean's Bistro. Longtime Lovelanders will remember it being home to Great Wall Buffet, for many years, and China Dragon before that.

Durbar Loveland
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What's happening at Durbar in Loveland, Colorado?

They announced that the Loveland location of Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro (they have three other locations in Colorado and one in Cheyenne) will be closed for renovations.

How long will Durbar in Loveland be closed?

This is going to be a big "reno," as they won't be re-opening until March 15, 2024.

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Will they be replacing the "palace" look?

It's hard to say at this point, but Durbar translates to "Royal Palace" so it wouldn't be far-fetched to say they could be putting up a new one, maybe just more suited to what the restaurant is now.

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