Food delivery in Colorado is very popular. During the pandemic, food delivery was the only way to help keep our favorite restaurants open, while enjoying their food.

While there are more and more people in their own cars picking up restaurant orders and grocery orders, tipping those drivers becomes a matter of conversation. Recently, a woman in Loveland got a letter from a driver.

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That driver was not happy.

Loveland Colorado Woman Receives Nasty Letter from Delivery Driver

For some it's a "side hustle," for others, it's their primary source of income: being a driver for Door Dash, Uber Eats, Nosh Delivery, Instacart, etc. Thousands of orders get fulfilled every day in Colorado, and thousands of tips go along with them.

How much do Coloradans tip delivery drivers?

The recommended tip for food delivery, according to Business Insider is about 15%, but can vary, depending on the total price of that delivery. Some drivers have seen 25-35% tips. During the pandemic, much higher tips were seen.

Colorado woman gets angry letter from DoorDash driver

In January of 2024, a woman in Loveland (who wished to remain anonymous) received a letter in her mailbox, addressed to "Order Maker," from "Human Being."

Loveland Colorado Woman Receives Nasty Letter from Delivery Driver
Courtesy: Loveland resident

The letter inside the envelope, which is kind of generic and could be given to anyone, talks about the life of a delivery driver and how tips affect their livelihood.

-Colorado-Delivery-Driver (1)
Courtesy: Loveland resident

After receiving this letter, the woman decided to discontinue using DoorDash.

We asked listeners what they thought of the situation; most said that the driver is a bad representation of delivery drivers.

I read that letter this morning [The letter was on Facebook and has since been taken down]. I am a doordasher as well. We have the option to not accept low paying orders. What that door dasher did was very unprofessional. They could have simply not taken the order and left it to someone else to take. Especially on shop to deliver orders.For Walgreens and Safeway, Doordash pays pretty well on those orders.

Have you gotten one of these letters?

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