Once upon a time leaders in Loveland, Colorado, promised the Sweetheart City wouldn’t be one to jump on the red-light camera craze.

Well, that has changed, and the Loveland City Council recently took the next step toward using them and photo radar. On Tuesday, April 2, the council allocated $125,000 as part of a new spending package to start installing them.

The council in September adopted two ordinances to allow the use of red-light cameras and photo radar vans in the city of Loveland

If all goes as planned, the new traffic enforcement cameras will be up and running this summer.

Where will Loveland red-light cameras go?

possible loveland red-light camera
Google Maps/Canva

Loveland staff proposed last April that red-light cameras go in at two intersections: First Street and Taft Avenue and Lincoln Avenue and 14th Street Southeast, the south Loveland intersection more commonly known as U.S. 287 and 402.

The money made from tickets will offset ongoing maintenance costs, staff says.

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What are the fines when a camera catches you running a red light?

Colorado law sets a maximum penalty of $75 for red lights and $40 for violations captured by a photo speed van. The speeding violation doubles in school zones.

First offenses of a driver going less than 10 miles over the speed limit receive a warning by state law.

A sign also must be posted to notify drivers that enforcement cameras are in use.

No violations result in points.

Why do cities use red-light cameras?

Officials tout the safety results of devices such as red-light cameras and unmanned photo radar.

Denver Police have said a radar van located in a neighborhood for five days reduces speeding by 21%.

Loveland traffic engineers shared the below in a presentation about proposed Loveland traffic changes.

how red-light cameras change driver behavior graphic
City of Loveland

Traffic control violations have been falling since 2018, when Loveland police wrote 874 citations. In 2022, that number fell to 165. Speeding violations were 5,817 and 1,145, respectively.

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Where are red-light cameras in Colorado?

Loveland isn't alone in adopting camera ticketing. So far, 12 Colorado cities use "automated vehicle identification systems" red-light cameras:

  • Aurora
  • Boulder
  • Cherry Hills Village
  • Colorado Springs
  • Commerce City
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Greenwood Village
  • Lone Tree
  • Northglenn
  • Pueblo
  • Sheridan

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