Have you noticed these new cameras attached to the traffic lights in Loveland? Maybe you've seen them in the Downtown area. What are they doing?

I recently wrote and article, "7 Beefs Loveland Has with Fort Collins;" one of those beefs is the red light cameras that they have at some of the traffic lights. Now, I just noticed these cameras in Downtown Loveland and wondered if that particular beef would have to removed from my list, if Loveland had them, too.

You can see where these cameras do stick out, with their big "hooks"..

TSM/Dave Jensen

If you're anything like me, the very first thing you think is "Red Light Cameras." Why wouldn't the City of Loveland want to finally install them? They make good money for the City of Fort Collins and other communities, Loveland should get their share of that pie.

Even after thinking they were right light cameras, I asked myself, "Does Downtown doesn't really have a problem with people running lights?" If anything, especially when you're traveling north or south, you'll find that those signals are timed so that once you get moving, you' re going to keep moving; your light turns green and by the time you get to the next one, it will be green.

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I reached out to the City of Loveland about the cameras, and they set me straight.

The city does not have red light cameras.

That is a relief. But what are these cameras about, then?

The City has traffic cameras attached to signal poles throughout Loveland.  Some are used to detect the presence of vehicles for signal operations and others are used to monitor traffic congestion, road/weather conditions, etc.

OK, then. It's the old "Nothing to see here, move along' line. Just kidding. Again, they are not red light cameras, that's all I really cared about.

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