It's not often that you hear about an avalanche closing down a major highway in spring, but it does happen in Colorado, especially when conditions are prime.

Colorado Highway 14 was closed the morning of April 16, 2024, at around 8:30 a.m., as an avalanche came across the road, about 80 miles west of Fort Collins.

It's not clear how much snow has occupied the highway, but it is closed until further notice, both west and east bound.

Where is Highway 14 Closed Due to an Avalanche?

According to The Coloradoan, the highway is closed between mile maker 61 (east of Gould and Jackson County) and mile marker 78, west of Fort Collins.

Avalanche closes Colorado highway
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It's the time of year where those who enjoy the Colorado outdoors, and have the time, might want to be headed to Granby or Walden for some fishing, and Highway 14 is the best route to do so; that won't be the case at least most of April 16.

Conditions Are 'Considerable' for Avalanches in the Area

The Coloradoan states that on a scale of 1-5, the higher elevations of Larimer County, where the avalanche closed highway 14, are at "3" meaning there is a considerable chance of one happening.

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How Long Will the Highway Be Shut Down?

From CDOT's website regarding avalanche mitigation:

Since it is impossible to predict how much snow will be brought down....., CDOT cannot estimate how long a highway closure will be in place. CDOT will open the highway as soon as it is safe for the traveling public.

**CDOT was able to get Highway 14 re-opened by mid-afternoon on April 16, 2024.

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