Colorado's breakfast restaurants game is heating up in Loveland. While two restaurants are about to have (nearly) the same name, they are not the same.

With this new breakfast spot coming to town, it will be good to see a business occupy what has been empty, but they'll be bringing confusion to town, as well.

It was in May of 2023, that we let you know that Loveland's Tilted Barrel had closed their doors, after about five years of operation. The closure was sudden; but this news about Doug's Diner coming into the spot is sudden, as well.

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This spot where Tilted Barrel used to be, at 29th Street and Lincoln Avenue (in Palmer Gardens Shopping Center,) is close to many breakfast spots: Dunkin' Donuts is right in the same parking lot, First Watch is not even a quarter of a mile to their south, and there's another familiar-sounding spot just a mile south.

New Doug's Diner in Loveland Will Cause Confusion

There are currently seven Doug's Diners in Colorado:

  • Boulder
  • Centennial
  • Fort Collins
  • Greeley
  • Parker
  • Thornton
  • Windsor

The city you do not see on that list is Loveland, yet.

Many may have heard of the very popular Doug's Day Diner, known as "Doug's in Loveland" in Downtown Loveland.

That Doug's has been around for over 10 years. Technically, this Doug's was first, then came the multiple-location Doug's Diners.

Doug's in Loveland recently posted about the upcoming Doug's Diner:

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Once the new Doug's Diner opens in Loveland, people will need to keep in mind: The Doug's in Downtown Loveland, was a part of the original four Doug's Diners, but is no longer a part of the Doug's Diners you see around Colorado.

When Doug Weckerly sold the original four locations, two of them were bought by Rick Bruening and Linda Hernandez, who also purchased the naming rights to, "Doug's Diner" and "Doug's Day Diner." Rick and Linda had those initial two, from Doug Weckerly, and now own six others.

The other two from the initial four, are in Superior and Downtown Loveland; the plan was for those two stores to change their names.

Superior's "Doug's Day Diner" is now known as PJ's Diner.

Loveland has gone by "Doug's in Loveland" for over 10 years, but the old Doug's Day Diner is still alive and well on their website.

So, when Doug's Day Diner opens in the former Titled Barrel location, we may see situation where Doug's in Loveland is forced to change their name. It would be the same great food, just a different/new name.

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