When visiting Downtown Loveland, you'll find "the old" mixed with "the new." Some restaurants reside in buildings that date back over 100 years, there are new pieces of art; historic buildings, and newer ones.

We have a list of 13 things that you should check out in Downtown Loveland, as they give a very good representation of The Sweetheart City.

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Downtown Loveland technically stretches along Highway 287 from a little north of Eisenhower, south to Highway 402; most of where the "action," however, is Downtown is closer to Fourth Street.

As someone who grew up in Loveland, I've seen many changes come through Downtown. For example, many folks who see events at The Rialto probably don't know about the time when it was a small shopping mall.

Loveland Colorado's oldest restaurant is in Downtown

To visit Loveland and not have a meal at The Black Steer would be a huge loss. It's a classic place, with steaks that are often voted "Best in Loveland," and Chex Mix on their salads.

You'll find lots of art in Downtown Loveland, Colorado

Loveland is known for its sculptures, but you'll also find several murals when you are Downtown, like the one on the outer wall of AIMS Community College.

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Loveland's Downtown Depot is historic and a great restaurant

My very first job was working at what was then called "The Depot," a restaurant that's inside the former depot. When I interviewed, a train went by and shook the dishes in the manager's office. I said, "I guess that's why they call it the depot..."

Take a look at 13 places/things you need to check out in Downtown Loveland:

Over A Dozen Photos That Best Depict Downtown Loveland

If you were wanting to show someone Downtown Loveland, these would be the places/things that you would probably use.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

More on Downtown Loveland - Loveland's Speakeasy Bar

Rosie's Barbershop, on East 4th Street in Downtown Loveland, has been in operation as a barbershop since about 2018. It was knows at White Groves Barbershop & Taproom; now it's Rosie's Barbershop up front, and Rosie's Cocktail Bar in the back.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

Another Speakeasy Bar: 70's-style in Denver

Denver Vibe gave an inside look at "The Groovy Bar". This is a hidden bar underneath The Post Chicken and Beer.

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

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