This probably isn't one trick they teach in obedience class.

I'm sure if you're a dog or a cat owner yourself, you completely understand that animals can be mischievous little beings. I can't say my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, has ever been able to get a hold of a knife and stab me (thank God), but that's exactly what happened in this case (sans chihuahua).

Celinda Haynes, the owner of a 1 1/2-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever named Mia, was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after the dog grabbed a pairing knife and stabbed her in the forearm, Denver7 reports.

Haynes' daughter, Chanda Stroup, says Mia "likes to grab whatever she can to get people to play with her," which I'm sure rings familiar with all owners of needy, attention-seeking dogs (like my chihuahua). Mia had reportedly climbed to the kitchen counter to grab the knife before the accidental attack.

Dog owners also know the way to get a dog to drop just about anything is to say the magic word: "TREATS!" In the event, this word also got Mia super excited (understandably) and stabbed her owner in the process, leaving a gash approximately 4 to 5 inches long and 1/4 inch wide on her arm.

Medical staff didn't believe Haynes' story at first, and deputies were called to the hospital and Haynes' home to investigate a possible case of domestic violence. With blood all over the scene of the accident, Haynes' husband was called and interviewed but lucky for him, he had an alibi - he was at the DMV renewing his license during the time of the stabbing (and we all know going to the DMV is practically a day-long adventure).

Through it all, Haynes had her gash stitched up and the whole family left laughing about the situation.


    So obviously Mia had an accident, and I'm sure she feels awful and is giving her mommy lots of kisses. Dogs are adorable no matter how mad we may get at them. I mean, the Pooch Plunge at City Park Pool is a perfect example of how precious they are.

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