Big changes are in the works at Denver International Airport and how much it will cost to park your car when you travel - especially if you want a little added value and some perks, that is.

Parking options have always been aplenty at D.I.A., with several different level prices for varying amenities and of course distances from the terminal. From off-site, third-party-owned parking facilities along the outskirts of the airport along Peña Boulevard to the actual economy and premium lots owned and operated by the airport itself, you've always had lots to choose from.

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But if proximity to the terminal and protection from the elements - plus not agonizing over whether you're going to find a spot or not - are important to you, there's a new option to take a look at.

Not including the offsite parking, current pricing for official DIA parking near the terminal ranges from roughly $18/day for the east or west economy lots to $30/day for the east or west garage parking. So, does $50 a day sound too crazy for you?

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It's now a thing you can reserve in advance at, with a new "Premium Parking" option. According to the airport, making a reservation in advance will offer "guaranteed parking, hassle-free entry and exit, and proximity to the terminal." All of that sounds pretty sweet, huh?

For $50 a day, it gets you guaranteed access to Level 4 - in either garage - which is the Arrivals level right outside the terminal doors. It also guarantees you a spot, if it's booked in advance. It is the area formerly used by the valet service. You're able to make a reservation up to 90 days before your departure.

For more details, visit the Parking Lots section of the Denver International Airport website.

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