Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado in search of NoCo's Greatest Pie.  This week, a stop at Otto Pint in Fort Collins. 

In pursuit of Northern Colorado's Greatest Pie, my 'Pizza My Heart' series took myself and my cohort Jake into Fort Collins for lunch at Otto Pint on August 21, 2019.

It was my first time at any Otto Pint. They have one in Steamboat and one in the Choice City. I do remember the Shell station or whichever gas station used to be there off of Oakridge and Harmony where the Fort Collins one is located; the car wash building remains. I wonder what they keep in there? But, I digress. It's about the pie and the joint.

Otto's has Fort Collins written all over it: Craft beer, a place to hang out, and great food. I really liked how the menu says, 'Eat Something Alredy,' like an Italian grandmother.

At lunch, they have a special where you can get a one-topping Neopolitan-style pie with a drink for $12. That's not bad at all. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of sauces.

I went with the Garlic Pesto sauce with artichoke hearts. I loved it. Jake had the, what he described as 'delicious' Honey-Siracha sauce, with sausage. Also a win.

Do keep in mind, that you could spend a LOT of dollars having a good time. Bring you checking account.

Otto's has a lot of garage doors, and nearly all of them were open on the day we were there. There's lots of seating indoors and out. They had a great selection of beers and wine as well. I told Jake that the place reminds me of Intersect Brewing in a way.

My pizza pursuit has taken me to over a half-dozen joints in NoCo so far. Thus far, JJ's Wood-Fired Pizza has had the highest rating at 4.5 Pepperonis out of 5. It looks like they'll now move into second place.

My 'Pizza My Heart' review for Otto Pint: 4.8. Pepperonis out of 5. They now are the leader in the search for Northern Colorado's Greatest Pie.

Otto Pint - Fort Collins


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