I've been going out into the Fort Collins area regularly for about six months now, tasting pizzas. There has been a lot of folks saying, 'Go, to Krazy Karl's!' 

Well, we finally made it over to Krazy Karl's at Campus West. With all the construction going on over in that area now, we definitely should have picked them earlier. Holy, moly.

Krazy Karl's has been around for years, supplying CSU students (for the most part) with pizzas, grinders, wings and such. Especially, late into the night. My cohort Jake and I stopped in for lunch on January 8, 2020.

I knew that they'd been closed for a little while to do some renovations in 2019, and I wanted to check out the changes. The place looks great. Lots of seating, a great bar, lots of TVs. Perfect.

Jake suggested we get one of their famous signature pies- 'North of the Border.' It's a standard hand-tossed pizza with marinara, green chiles, pepperoni, and dollops of cream cheese. Karl's seems to be the place that started putting cream cheese on pies, so it was a 'must.'

Krazy Karls North of the Border

The 14-inch pie arrived at our table and looked awesome; very appetizing. It really did taste as good as it looked, too; the crust was perfect, the pepperonis were great, and that cream cheese... What can I say? I'm sold.

1,278 Google Reviews rate Krazy Karl's at 4.4 out of 5.

I'm going to have to disagree, on the good side, with that.

My 'Pizza My Heart' Review: 4.5 pepperonis out of 5.

Thanks, Gang!

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