Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado looking for NoCo's Greatest Pie. This week, a trip into Downtown Greeley and Right Coast Pizza.

Jacob Laxen, TSM
Jacob Laxen, TSM

Though I consider myself a Colorado native, technically, I am from Paterson, New Jersey. My parents moved to Longmont when I was 12 months old and then to Loveland a couple of years after that.

I bring all that up because Right Coast Pizza is 'Jersey Style Pizza.' According to the Greeley Tribune, the owners say that 'if you're from New Jersey you know your pizza is better than New York's.'

Their original location is in Wheat Ridge; this Downtown Greeley spot opened in 2015 in the space (811 8th St) that was home to Nelson Office Supply for many, many years until they closed in 2009.

Cohort Jake and I stopped in for lunch on October 16, and the place was very busy with office workers and such.

The venue is very cool: exposed brick and air ducts, lots of seating inside and patio seating outside, and a great bar with LOTS of local brews. They even have part of the old Nelson's sign on one of the walls.

Jake and I ordered up one of their specialty pies- The Trenton Thunder, where Jersey meets Colorado. It's like Denver Omelet on a pizza: pork, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, peppers, onions.

The hand-tossed pie was thin. You've had thin crust, I call this 'thinner crust.' It was crunchy good though. The sauce and cheese were right on the money and the veggies were cooked through (not crunchy.) Plus, I've never had scrambled eggs on my pizza; it was fun.

Google reviews (479 of them) give Right Coast Pizza an average rating of 4.4.

My 'Pizza My Heart' review: I'm going to STRONGLY Agree - and give Right Coast a 4.6 out of 5 Pepperonis.


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