Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado in search of 'NoCo's Greatest Pie.' This week, a stop in Fort Collins at Pizza Casbah near the CSU campus.

Pizza Casbah has been around for years, yet I've never stopped in.  One of their claims to fame is having been on Food Network as a part of 'Man vs. Food,' featuring their 10-pound 30" pizza eating challenge.

We did not attempt that when we visited on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

'We,'  my cohort Jake and I, opted for the buy one, get one free special on a couple of GIANT slices, each.

They have a large selection of pies - a lot of fun choices, for sure; and whoa, Nelly, those slices are REALLY giant. You definitely get a lot of 'bang' for your buck.

I had a slice of the Bruschetta pie and a slice of the Gyro pie.

They were ready in about 7-10 minutes. The crust was great: crispy, but not burned at all and ready to fold up. The sauce was tasty and the toppings were excellent, as well.

Seriously, it was a lot of pizza, those two slices. I could have gone with just one, and not walked away hungry.

Google Reviews gives Pizza Casbah (633 of them) an average rating of 4.3.

I am going to have to Disagree with that.

This was definitely some of the best pie I've had on my current journey. Way better than a 4.3.

My Pizza My Heart rating: 4.6 out of 5 Pepperonis.

Nice job, gang.

Jacob Laxen, TSM
Jacob Laxen, TSM

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