Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado in search of NoCo's Greatest Pie.  This week, a stop at the new Panhandler's Pizza in Fort Collins. 

A Fort Collins legend, Panhandler's Pizza existed at Campus West on West Elizabeth from 1975 until 2017. At that point, the owners at that time were looking to sell the business as the location was being torn down for student housing.

Up to the pizza pan stepped former Panhandler's employee Louann DeCoursey and her husband. The bought the business and opened up a NEW location - off of College and south of Drake. Just a stone's throw from Maxline Brewing.

In pursuit of NoCo's Greatest Pie, I felt it was my duty to stop by the 'new'  Panhandler's, so that's what my cohort Jake and I did on August 14, 2019.

At lunchtime, you can get slices of pre-made pies. That will save you time, as those deep dish pizzas take a bit of time.  So we each grabbed a couple of slices and a drink and sat down.

You immediately recognize some of the tables from the prior location, along with those classic tablecloths. Makes you feel right at home. There is plenty of seating. You can sit at the bar, you can bring the family in and take a booth, you can bring the softball team in and put some tables together.

I like how there is a little 'enclave' table; like a 'Sinatra' table, if you will. Also, they have a 'banquet room' with all the Fort Collins high schools' logos on the wall. Way to stay to true to The Choice City.

Of course, the pies were as good as ever, that fresh-brewed iced tea was super refreshing, and the service was great.

With over 500 reviews, Google gives Panhandler's a 4.2.

My 'Pizza My Heart' rating: (only because I was looking for heartier silverware) - 4.1 'Pepperonis' out of 5.

Panhandler's Pizza

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