Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado looking for NoCo's Greatest Pie. This week features a trip down the street to Anthony's in Windsor.

Anthony's is relatively new to Windsor; there are over a dozen in Colorado but this is the only one in Northern Colorado.

My cohort, Jake, and I stopped in for lunch on October 9, 2019, right along with the high schoolers out on break. The students were getting slices, we opted for a full pie.

Technically, we opted for a half pie. We ordered a half-Sicilian (thick crust) pizza with onions and sausage. We ordered in the bar (yes, the have a BAR), as the kids were taking up the main 'restaurant' area.

It takes a little longer for a thick crust pie, but it didn't seem like we waited too long when that giant pie pan came out.

'That's HALF?' we both exclaimed. Yes. Six BIG slices of a Sicilian. Wow.

Jacob Laxen, TSM
Jacob Laxen, TSM

There's no question that you get the bang for your buck with this one. Holy moly, that's a lot of pizza. With a couple of soft drinks, I think the total was $24.

Thick crust pies mean just that- a lot of dough. But it was good. I could have gone for more in the toppings department, however. The best part about a thick crust pizza is that they make for GREAT leftovers.

I liked the venue- it had lots of room for kids, adults, softball teams.

With 191 reviews on Google, Anthony's receives a 4.0.

My 'Pizza My Heart' Review: I'm going to AGREE. 4.0 pepperonis out of 5.

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