The former silver mining boomtown was among 20 historic small towns that could be voted on. Good to see such a great Colorado town make the list.

The Denver Post has an article on how USA Today held a poll asking readers to vote for the best historic small town in America. They had experts list 20, readers narrowed that list to the Top 10.  Leadville stands tall at #10 on the list.

I've not really 'visited' Leadville yet, and I do not know why. The town is famous for its silver mining history including the Matchless Mine and Baby Doe Tabor. I'm actually 'sorta' related to Baby Doe.


It's true. Elizabeth 'Baby Doe' Tabor used to be Baby Doe McCourt. She had moved to Colorado with her then husband (McCourt,) then she caught the eye of Horace Tabor 'The Bonanza King of Leadville.

While Baby Doe went on to marry Tabor and become a wealthy socialite, her ex-husband is actually a cousin of my grandmother's stepmother.  Like I said, 'sorta' related.

Congratulations, Leadville!  The only other town I recognized on the list was Williamsburg, Virginia (#6.) Coming in at #1 was Grandbury, Texas.

Get more on Leadville's ranking from the Denver Post HERE.

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