Seven hours of teamwork made the dreamwork as three teens got the catch of a lifetime: A tuna weighing much more than the 300 pounds they'd hoped for.

9News has a story on how Aspenite 16-year-old Martin Scanlan's family has a house in Maine, and Martin has a couple of fishing buddies there. On July 1, 2020, they went fishing outside of Portland, Maine and snagged themselves a LARGE tuna.

They'd been hoping to maybe find a 200-300 pound tuna, but the one they ended up getting onto their boat, after seven hours of working it, was a 700-pound bluefin.

Griffin Buckwalter
Griffin Buckwalter

After all the photos were taken, the guys sold the catch to a local fish company for $2,000.

I do like a tuna fish sandwich for lunch. I wonder how many I could get with a 700-pound bluefin?

Get more on Martin's Maine adventure from 9News HERE.

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