The amount of Denver restaurants must number in the hundreds. How many Colorado restaurants, like this one, have won so many accolades? Have you been there?

With the amount of places to grab a great meal that Colorado has, it's not surprising that this place may have slipped passed your radar.

How many joints exist in what used to be a mechanic garage?

Denver Diner Voted Colorado's Best Casual Restaurant
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Steuben's Uptown dates back to 2006, located at the corner of 17th Avenue and Pearl in Denver, off of I-70, just east of I-25.

Denver Diner Voted Colorado's Best Casual Restaurant
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A Bit of Boston in Denver

Steuben's takes its name from a Boston hot spot that the founder of Steuben's great-uncles had during the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. That Boston heritage is probably why their lobster rolls rank among the best you can find in Denver.

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Denver Diner Consistently Winning Accolades

In January of 2024, Steuben's Uptown made Daily Meal's list of the 'Best Casual Restaurant in Every State" list, and that's just one of several "Bests" that they're noted for:

  • Best Fried Chicken
  • Best Green Chile Cheeseburger
  • Best 'Sweet' Spot

I have a friend who lives in Denver and I asked if they'd been there:

Yes. Great Food. Their étouffée is awesome as is the Monte Cristo and their meatloaf.


What is Daily Meal's Favorite Thing About Steuben's in Denver?

They are big fans of that Green Chile Cheeseburger:

...the menu presents what is regularly named the best green chile (or chili, as Steuben's puts it) cheeseburger in Denver. Said to be inspired by the classic version at the Owl Bar in San Antonio, New Mexico, it's a fat burger patty topped with American cheese into which green chile strips seem to melt. Lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and mustard ornament the burger, which is served on a challah bun.

They also have a food truck that gets around the Denver area.

Denver Diner Voted Colorado's Best Casual Restaurant
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