Netflix's new 'Space Force,' which is set in Colorado, got more than a few mixed reviews before 'launching.' I'm writing to defend the show, and ask a favor.

Dearest 'Space Force',

I want to say thank you.

Thank you for being a show that has brought Steve Carrell back onto the small screen. Personally, I have missed him. It's like seeing an old friend after spending years apart.

Thank you for having a great cast. John Malkovich leads the ensemble of supporting actors, who eat up the screen during many of the scenes that they're in.

But I think I want to show you the most gratitude for being a show with heart. From the gift of a pineapple to say 'Sorry,' to a fade-out shot of Carrell's character just being a dad and helping his daughter with her trigonometry, each episode has a way of making you love these characters.

Are your naysayers looking for a spin-off of 'The Office,' perhaps? If so, I don't think they're going to find that in you. After all, Carrell's 'General Naird' is not the doofus Michael, that's for sure; and there are no pranks like those between Jim and Dwight. But you're still a fun show, and I say folks need to give you a(nother) try.

However, after all my gushing about you, though, I do need a favor, Space Force.

You need to ease up on your depiction of folks who live in Colorado. Though Wild Horse is not a real town in Colorado, it still makes me feel bad when you take a dig at our population and portray us only as unintelligent hicks who wear nothing but Wranglers.

Still, with that being said, I've heard that you have been picked up for a second season. Congratulations, that sounds great to me.

- Dave

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