On the western outskirts of Loveland was a great, almost famous candy shop. They brought smiles to hundreds of thousands of people, not just in Loveland.

They had their last day on March 27, 2022. after nearly six decades of homemade candies and treats, but retirement is also 'sweet,' so we wish them the best.

Facebook/Sunny Jim's Candies

Sunny Jim's Candies, on Highway 34 (right across from Sweetheart Winery) is now closed. I wish I'd found out sooner, to let folks know to get in there before they were out of everything. The news of this is one of those 'No way!' moments. I would have thought that store would be there as long as Thompson Canyon exists.

Word has it that Sunny Jim's was open for 58 years. That would mean that the store had seen a lot throughout those years. Most notably, in my opinion, the  Big Thompson Flood in July of 1976. I can see how Sunny Jim's would have been a stop for many (especially with kids) to help soothe nerves and lighten spirits.

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It was announced in September of 2021, that Sunny Jim's was for sale, but it doesn't sound like a sale actually happened before the closure. That's too bad. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of the lot, after years of having such a fun place on the site.

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One thing that you could try out, instead of candy, is ice cream. There's a relatively new little ice cream shop near where Sunny Jim's [was,] I Scream for Ice Cream. It's not taffy or hard candy, but it is a treat.

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