Forget that you can see the movie for only $3 on September 3, 2022, National Cinema Day. Sure, that's a good reason, but we have a short, awesome list, that'll put you in a seat, for sure.

Steven Spielberg released one of the best horror/thrillers to hit the big screen 47 years ago in the summer of 1975. "Jaws" is back to take a bite out of summer box-office receipts, and show America how movies used to be made.


You may have heard that they'll be showing a lot of movies for only $3 on September 3, 2022, for National Cinema Day. One of those cheap ones, is the classic, "Jaws." That first release in the summer of '75 brought in over $123 million, with it now having grossed over $400 million.


Many call the film the first real "summer blockbuster," paving the way for movies such as "Star Wars" and "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" to put butts in the seats during the summer. With these special $3 showings of "Jaws" it really is a great opportunity to see the epic adventure, again, on the big screen at the Cinemark Bistro at Noon on September 3.

It being only $3 is a fine reason to see the movie, but I came up with three of the best reasons to see the gang, again.

1: So You Can Sing Along to That Song

I would be shocked that if when Quint, Brody, and Hooper start singing 'Show Me The Way to Go Home,' that the crowd in the theater doesn't start to sing a long.. at least for a little bit.

2: The 'Bigger Boat' Line

The line has been used in one variation or another well over 1,000 times- and that's just by you. The scene is so good, see it on the big screen ("You're going to need a bigger screen')

3: It's Going To Be in 3-D

No, we are not talking about 'Jaws 3-D" from 1983, we are talking all-new Real D 3-D technology. This is going to be incredible, and they're showing it for only $3? It's crazy.


You're A Fan of "House" 

At the end of every episode of the TV show, "House" you always heard/saw 'That's some bad hat, Harry." It comes from "Jaws"

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