It had to be Fort Collins, right?  The Fort is becoming more and more like Boulder every day, it seems. Come to find out, there’s a group that meets once a week to discuss how the Earth is as flat as an open bottle of craft beer left out on the porch for a few days.

Earth Globe

A bunch of ‘Earth Deniers’ is what I call them. How could any logical person believe that our Earth is flat? I saw the headline from the Denver Post and had to dig in. ‘[Coloradoans Believe Gravity is a Hoax].’ I thought, 'What goofballs in Boulder are doing this?' Nope, Fort Collins. Super.

The group isn’t buying this ‘500-year-old conspiracy’ that says the Earth is spinning really fast, and therefore causing gravity. They insist we’re sitting still. Like on a huge table. What? Here’s the kicker- this group isn’t only 5 or 6 ‘reality challenged’ people. There are over 30 of them that meet in Fort Collins!

According to the Post, they gather every Tuesday at a coffee shop at Drake and Shields- ‘The Purple Cup Cafe.’ Reminds me of ‘Tin Foil Hat.’  So, you could be at the Purple Cup on a Tuesday and check out the Tin Foil Hat Club (their real name is Flat Earth Fort Collins), and see and hear for yourself what they believe and don’t believe.

I can’t believe they meet every week. How much could they be covering? ‘The Earth is flat. Adjourned. Have a great, flat life.’ Oh, Brother.

Oh yeah- Do not ask them about the upcoming total solar eclipse. They’ll explode like a confused robot!

Get the full story from The Denver Post HERE!

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