One of the oldest liquor stores in the area, located at the corner of Ash Street and 6th Street in what is known as Old Town Windsor, has closed.

The closure seems out of the blue to me. I'm fairly certain that when I left for home on Friday, May 1, 2020, that the store was open.

But today (May 4, 2020,) I went out at lunchtime and was stunned to see that Corner Liquors, which is just down the street from our radio stations, was dark and there weren't any of the usual promotional beer banners hanging on the building.

They're gone. Corner Liquors is now an empty corner.

Corner Liquors Empty
Dave Jensen, TSM

They'd been at this location for over 25 years, serving the Windsor community.

Again, I'm stunned. Especially given how restaurants and bars are closed due to the pandemic, liquor stores have been thriving, and I'm sad to see that this one's shut its doors.

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