First it was The Windsor Gardener, then High Hops came along, and then The Heart. Plants, beer, whiskey. Together, but separate, until now, with 'The W.'

It was 2012, when the owners of Windsor Gardener opened up High Hops, and it took off like wildfire: Great beer at a great venue. They opened a patio, they expanded the patio, they brought in local musicians; the brewery is a powerhouse in the area.

In 2018, Patrick and Amanda Weakland, owners of the Gardener and High Hops, welcomed The Heart, a distillery. At that point, the 'venue' had it all: beer, spirits, plants & décor. Thing was, the spirits and the beer had to be kept apart, because of liquor licensing laws in Colorado.

The Weakland's have been working and working and finally, another W word, 'Win,' came around. it all comes down to how it all began: The Windsor Gardener.

They've announced that the Windsor Gardener, High Hops and The Heart are now Windsor's very first 'Entertainment District,' which means spirits and beers CAN hang out together, legally. The greenhouse itself will be the common-denominator of the district newly named 'The W.'

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From Patrick Weakland on the announcement:

We have this really unique establishment where we have a craft brewery and a craft distillery located inside of a greenhouse....

It’s really exciting to be able to have all of these different working parts finally come together to create ‘The W’, and we’re really happy to share it with Windsor. It’s a huge deal for us and for the town.

'The W.' It sounds fun. "Let's all head over to 'The W,' get a couple of drinks, play some cornhole, and catch the comedy show." The W announcement coincides with High Hops Brewery's 9th anniversary celebration on October 16, 2021.

With High Hops being on the west side of the town that we broadcast from, I've had many beers there and many good times. I've gotten several gifts at Windsor Gardener, and had just a little whiskey. This is great news for the Weaklands and all that they're doing there.

What could be next: My first instinct is that should open a restaurant on the property. Can you imagine the business that they'd have if they added that?

[Source: Press Release]

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