The city of Windsor announced Tuesday they are closing the cities recycling center because of high operating costs and low resident participation.

The Town of Windsor has made the decision to permanent close the recycling center at 922 N 15th St.

After a long-term evaluation the city they determined that only four percent of residents utilize the service.

Public service director Eric Lucas said this in a press release:

While this is a service some residents enjoy, it really isn't serving the greater good.

He goes on to say that operating costs are so high that by closing it down the town will save about $120,000 in annual expenses.

In recent years, the cost to recycle has become much higher and the value of reselling the recycled commodities are selling for less. Windsor residents are still being encouraged to use curbside recycling for their day-to-day recycling.

Other disposal services to use instead:

  • Bunting Disposal - 970-339-3023 -
  • Gallegos Sanitation - 970-484-5556 -
  • Ram Waste Systems - 970-226-3396 -
  • Waste Management - 866-305-7433 -


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