New Zealand is a great place. It brought us bungee jumping, Lorde, referee whistles, eggbeaters, and hairpins. And most recently, it brought us a new social media trend where people take off their clothes and pose like a frozen chicken.

Admins of the popular FrozenChook community Facebook page explain what #FrozenChook "is:"

Is it not obvious? Young adults taking their clothes off and getting into something similar to the fetal position, hence resembling a frozen chicken - it's pretty bloody classic if you ask anyone with half a brain.

Just search the hashtag, #FrozenChook, and you'll see what that looks like.

The trend began the same way most bizarre trends begin, too - one of the admins' buddies first #FrozenChook'd in the hallway at 6 a.m. after a "big night" (a.k.a. he was probably wasted). And it just caught on, I guess.

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