McDonalds UK/Twitter

In our social media world, there is an effort everyday to rise above the clutter and to be heard. It's not always easy. In fact, there are millions of efforts made everyday and most of them land with a "thud".

When it comes to branding, the results are even more elusive because we, as consumers, are cynical and can see right through their corporate efforts. But then, there are times when it works... and it works well. In this case, the branding worked because the message was hidden. Weird, right?

McDonald's UK tweeted this image recently and the response was huge! However, the responses were different on like and dislike. Some complained that it gave them a headache or they couldn't see the message under the vertical lines. (If you back off the monitor a bit, you'll find the sweet spot and the message will be more visible.)

Kudo's to McDonald's for breaking through the chatter and getting a response. That really is the goal for those in marketing and branding. Time will tell if nugget sales improve. (That's a clue, by the way.)

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