It's one of the most disturbing and frustrating conspiracies since the invention of the washer/dryer. Load after load, our socks slowly disappear with little to no trace. A package of 5 pairs of socks you just bought are soon to be whittled to 4 or two pair within weeks. More frustrating is losing one sock from a unique pair. Meanwhile, I have a pair of boxer shorts that I am certain I have thrown out on more than one occasion, yet it finds its way back into my dresser.

There must be an answer to this mystery. The struggle is real!

It turns out that Twitter may have discovered the answer. Folks, this is like spotting Bigfoot and having a sit down interview on national TV. Sarah Rose (@1SarahRose) posted a picture (above) of a washing machine with what looks to be hundreds of socks in the bottom compartment of the unit. There is another person at play and her name is Cathy Hinz. She took the picture after her husband detached the bottom panel to reveal the bounty of long lost sock companions. Cathy actually posted this picture on last year, thanks to @1SarahRose it has gained a bunch of traction.

If you're reading this then you have no doubt lived a life dealing with the sadness and grief of disappearing socks. The older washing machines are the ones that have been identified as the robber of socks and joy. If you have a bottom compartment to detach, it would be worth checking. This has just jumped to the top of my priority list.

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