School is out and the kids have plans. As most parents know, the kids aren't always forthcoming about their plans as we would like. Sure, we can ask the questions and ask for details, but what they don't remember is that we parents were once kids too. We had our clever answers and explanations, but we didn't have the technology we have today. In this day and age, to get the real answers we have to open an app and look.

A national trend is developing that shows that parents are creating fake social media profiles to find out what their kids are up to. The sneaky method is necessary because how many cool kids accept a friend invite from their parents? It happens, but it's rare. It's a unique situation for most parents today because this technology and the social platforms are still relatively new. Yes, there might be some dishonesty in the process - pretending to be someone you're not - but when it comes to getting the truth from your kids to ensure their safety, then maybe one form of dishonesty deserves another. Yes, two wrongs sometimes make a right. If they would just be honest with we were with our parents, right?

It doesn't stop there. Beyond the social media spying, there is also an expected increase in home security camera sales as parents, who are out of the house most of the time during the summer, will want video surveillance to see who's coming and going.

Look out, kids. While the technology is more advanced today than it was when your parents were your age, that doesn't mean they don't have the sense to use that technology to keep track of you. While you want to use the technology to work around them, they will use it to protect you. It's called LOVE. We had that when we were kids too. You'll use it later when you have kids. #fullcircle

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