Sports Authority is supposed to move its Old Town location to the Foothills Mall  this year. But with 140 store closures nationwide - 3 of which are in Colorado - it isn't too out of line to wonder, will Sports Authority pull the plug on its Foothills move before it even opens?

The Coloradoan reported earlier this month that Sports Authority leased Sears' old Foothills Mall location, and plans to move sometime this year. But in recent weeks, Sports Authority has also announced plans that paint a very gloomy picture for the company as a whole.

Alberta Development Partners
Foothills Mall plans. Photo courtesy Alberta Development Partners

If Sports Authority ends up not moving into its Foothills Mall location as planned, who should take its place?

Vote in our poll to let us know who you think would be a great fit should Sports Authority pull the plug on its Foothills plans below! (If you don't like any of the choices, opt for "other" and fill in your own answer.)

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