When it comes to historic buildings in Colorado, you can find many in Old Town Fort Collins. By the fall of 2024, things will look much different for this 1905 building.

As many know, and as many may not know, Disneyland's Main Street USA's look is based on Old Town Fort Collins. While Old Town has changed over the decades, soon it will have the look of yesteryear.

Old Town Fort Collins is historic and a wonderful place to visit, whether you're from out of state or a native of Colorado. It's exciting to think about what will the building look like when this project is done.

The City of Fort Collins has always been working to improve the experience for visitors of Old Town. In 2022 they completed a six-month street project along Linden, to make it more "pedestrian friendly."

It does look great, and is now "convertible" to become "pedestrian-only" for special events.

Linden Street, Old Town Fort Collins

What is the Restoration Project Happening in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado?

If you've been in the area of Jefferson Avenue and Linden Street in Old Town Fort Collins in the spring-summer of 2024, you've seen that there's definitely "something" happening at the corner.

Linden Street and Jefferson Avenue in Fort Collins
TSM/Dave Jensen
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I reached out to Downtown Fort Collins in regards to the project, and was informed that the firm Building Restoration Specialties Inc. is doing a facade improvement on the corner of the building.

A shot of the building from the summer of 2023:

Linden and Jefferson in Old Town 2023
Google Maps

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The award-winning firm has been in business since 1986, specializing in masonry restoration, preservation, and conservation of historic buildings. It sounds like this Old Town building from 1905 is in good hands.

According to Building Restoration Specialties, the project should be completed by mid-July of 2024.

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