We are lucky to live in the state of Colorado, with the amount of recreation, athletics, and things to keep you busy on a daily basis. But how safe are the cities we live in?

It looks like living in Northern Colorado is definitely a positive thing, as two cities were recently named top ten in the state for being some of the safest.

According to Safehome, the city of Windsor is the third safest city in the state and Fort Collins ranks 10th. They are the only Northern Colorado cities to make the top ten.

Safehome uses the following criteria when putting together their list, which is in order by each cities "Safety Score":

  • FBI Data (violent crime and property crime)
  • Census Data

Windsor obtained a Safety Score of 87.45, with eight violent crimes and 206 property crimes. Their score places the city in the top 25th percentile in the country.

Fort Collins had a Safety Score of 78.5, with 313 violent crimes and 4,015 property crimes being part of the equation.

The safest city in the state of Colorado is Thornton, which had a safety score of 88.45.

If you live in Greeley or Loveland, you should also be proud as both cities just barely missed the top ten. Loveland had a Safety Score of 77.65 to place 12th, while Greeley had a Safety Score of 76.02 and placed 13th.

Which city placed dead last in the state, and is considered the least safest? That would be Pueblo, which has a Safety Score of 48.85. The city had 986 violent crimes and 7,274 property crimes calculated into their score, with both on the rise.



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