As we get set to really dive into food truck season, here's a story about tow men that tried to cash in on the trend, but ripped off their clients. 

There's just something about a food truck. You see them all over and you say 'Oooh. I should stop' even though you know you don't have time. The curiosity gets me, every time.

Denver 7 and The Denver Post have the story about bad business that I think most of us can relate to because it involves food trucks. Lots of folks stop in at local craft brewers across Northern Colorado - most times those breweries have a food truck on site.

Food trucks are a great business idea. I hear they take in a LOT of money. Thing is, to get started, you need--- a food truck. Duh.

According to the story, these two men had two businesses together that made food trucks. Apparently, they either delivered late, delivered shoddy trucks, or never delivered at all. A great plan needs great execution, as they say. These men were ordered to pay $4.5M to their clients

The way I see it, we the public got ripped as well, by not enjoying whatever food would have been coming out of those trucks that were never delivered. On the bright side- these two men have been '86'd' from working in the food truck industry here in Colorado.

Get more on the story from The Denver Post HERE. 

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