Tuesday Morning will be closing over 200 stores across the country. They have over a dozen locations in Colorado, one of them will be closing as well.

I don't often shop at Tuesday Morning; I'm never quite sure what I'm looking for while there, or what I'll find. Honestly, it's probably for inexpensive Christmas gifts when I do. Maybe it was because of my only occasional attendance that led to my surprise when the store's Loveland location moved from Garfield out to the Johnstown Plaza.

Luckily, the Loveland store and the one in Fort Collins are two locations that get to stay, in spite of how the parent company recently began restructuring by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of the 230 stores closing across the nation, only one of the three locations in Colorado Springs will be closed.

[Source: CNN Business]

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