With Fort Collins being such a music-oriented city, it makes perfect sense that one of its murals would actually be a little tune.

Ready for some fun? The next time you are in Old Town, on a date, getting a quick bite, seeing a band, whatever. Take a  stroll through the Old Firehouse Alley on the north side of the Elizabeth Hotel - right outside of Magic Rat. 

There, you'll find this mural.

The Elizabeth Hotel was looking for a Colorado artist to do a mural in the Firehouse Alley, part of the hotel. Johnny Defeo used more than 28 gallons of paint and spent about a month to produce this special mural.

It looks pretty innocuous, some birds flying along the mountains in west Fort Collins. There's the 'A,' it just seems like a nice mural. Until you realize it's more than just paint on a wall.

The mural's birds are depicting the notes of a song.

Karrie Slayter for TSM
Karrie Slayter for TSM

The birds are laid out to the tune of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans classic, "Happy Trails."

Here's how it came to be:

The Firehouse Alley Mural from Arcadian Pictures on Vimeo.

The song fits right into being a part of a hotel, with people traveling from "here" to "there," it's good to wish them "Happy Trails" along their way. The Elizabeth is ALL about music, so this ties right in. If anything, you have a neat thing you can show friends and family when they come to town;

Ooh! You have to see the musical mural by The Elizabeth!

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