Vintage stuff is cool. Concert merch is cool. Vintage concert merch -- the coolest. Check out this awesome Colorado music memorabilia we dug up on Etsy.

My vintage Rolling Stones tee is my favorite thing in my closet, and I found it for a steal through a second-hand seller on Etsy (so much of a bargain, I kind of wonder if it's authentic -- but it does look and feel like the real deal, so I'm going to believe it is).

Courtesy: Madi Scruggs
Courtesy: Madi Scruggs,

With the holidays approaching, these would be a really cool gift idea for any music aficionado, Colorado lover or, heck, Beastie Boys fan girl in your life.

Check 'em out:

Check out the Etsy listings here: 

And then try to get this out of your head:

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