North Loveland is about to expand. Developers have signed off on plans to add a Taco Bell and Verizon story in the open spaces in North Loveland.


According to the Reporter-Herald. Cellular Plus, a retailer for Verizon, bought a lot north of the Walmart parking lot NW of 287 and 65th Street. Construction is expected to start and be finished by the end of summer.

Having a Verizon store that will be open seven days a week should you drop your phone. Say you drop it while walking out to your car in the morning and it just happens to smash into pieces. Having that store is an exceptional benefit, but having a Taco Bell in North Loveland is indulging.

Alvarado Concepts of Denver, a major franchisee of Taco Bell, is planning on building a 1,900-square-foot restaurant on the corner of Garfield and 65th. As of right now plans for the Taco Bell to open are set for September.

There is still a third lot for sale and is ready for a 10,000-square-foot building. Other projects that already have the green light are the Esh's Discount Groceries store opening at W. 71st St, a proposed King Soopers store, gas station and other retail.

Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald

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