It was once a bakery, it was once a bowling alley. Now, once again, time for something completely different!

The building that most recently was home to Schmidt's Bakery will soon be serving not the stomachs of Lovelanders, but the needs of animals!

Barnyard Vet & Pet Supply
Dave Jensen, TSM

It's good to see that building finally becoming something new! The Reporter-Herald reported the story just the other day, and I had to go over and see it!

What used to be Schmidt's Bakery will now be Barnyard Vet & Pet Supply. It was really too bad that the bakery just couldn't get things right with taxes and all and was finally shut down for good in 2013. Wow. 5 years ago. It flew right by. But when one door closes, a barn door opens, right?

The new owners of the building are working to move two businesses into the location while leaving room for possibly two more.  Barnyard Vet Supply's current location in on South Lincoln, just a bit south of Sonic. Along with the veterinary and pet supply store, the building will also be home to the new location of Loveland's Tylo Electric.

Back in the day, that building was home to Lucky Strike Lanes, along with the Red Ram Lounge. The lounge was located where the A-frame portion of the building is. The new owners are leasing that portion out, as well as the southwestern portion of the building. Who knows what could become of what was an abandoned building just a few weeks ago!

Good luck gang!

Get the full story on the new owners and their plans from the Reporter-Herald HERE!

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