The Foundry 7. Metrolux 7. 7 Downtown. I don't know what they'll OFFICIALLY be calling it, but I think I'm going to call it the Downtown 7.

Metrolux is scheduled to open their new movie theater within The Foundry in early spring of 2019. What films might they be showing with their Grand Opening? Let's take a look!

I grew up in Loveland and am a big movie-buff, so this new Metrolux Theater that they're building has me pretty excited. There hasn't been a theater in Downtown Loveland since The Rialto showed its last movie 'The Rescuers' in 1977.

Come spring of 2019, right behind the Rialto Theater, there will be a new 7-screen movie theater from Metropolitan Theaters. The Metrolux 14 at The Promenade Shops at Centerra has gone through upgrades, including adding a bar and assigned seats- much like the Cinemark Bistro.

This new theater will be much like the renovated Metrolux 14/Cinemark Bistro. It will have seven screens and 525 seats according to the Reporter-Herald. That averages out to 75 seats per theater; so I would count on larger [theaters] and a couple of smaller ones.

Here are my guesses as to which movies will be playing at The Downtown 7:

Godzilla 2019 is slated for the end of March, so it could easily hit the marque.

This one, coming out early March of 2019, will see Captain Marvel's first solo movie after [reportedly] being a part of Marvel's 'Infinity War' in 2018.

This one may be a long-shot depending on when, exactly, the theater opens. It's slated for April 12, 2019, with Robert Downey Jr. taking on the role of the doctor.

A live-action/animated remake of the classic as directed by Tim Burton, Dumbo is supposed to be released at the end of March.

There isn't a whole lot of information on this one, slated for an April 19, 2019 release. My guess is that it'll be in one of the smaller theaters that I mentioned.

After the tremendous success of Lego Movie, this one, that comes out in February of 2019 could still be bringing in enough dollars to get a screen at The Downtown 7.

A WWII drama written by, produced by, and starring Tom Hanks comes out April 5, 2019. Seems a good adult film, to contrast the younger generation blockbusters already listed.

I can smell the popcorn, already! Who's ready for a movie?


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