Downtown Loveland has sprung a new door. What lies behind it will intrigue some, while leaving others not as interested.

It's always fun when a new business opens, especially when it's in an odd location. In Downtown Loveland, there is an alley that runs through downtown. The part where the alley runs from 4th north to 5th (Painters Alley), there is a new door to what will open to a new place.

The building that houses Hearth and Home, which faces 4th Street, will soon also house a tequila bar. It all makes sense when you find that it's owned and operated by the folks that own/operate Cactus Grille - right across the alley.

Wicked Tequila Room is set for its grand opening, soon. At which time they will have a MUCH cooler/nicer door!

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how Wicked will have over 100 tequilas on hand, some on tap, margaritas on tap, a full bar, and bottled beers. The article also talks about how co-owner Mike Severance doesn't even DRINK alcohol at all- he's just a huge fan of tequilas!

Bottle of tequila and lime on a shore of lake

Wicked's Facebook page mentions how they'll have Tequilla Tuesdays, a drink of the week, and more.  It will seat 60 folks -- 60 folks enjoying an almost speak-easy kind of place.

'Ya- it's down in the middle of the alley. Tell them Dave sent you.'

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