Book buffs, get ready for a two-day festival that will ask you to imagine "What if" and ask "What else?" through literature, poetry, science, and technology.

The Fort Collins Book Festival for 2018 will be October 19 and 20 in Old Town and at CSUThe FREE event will have more than 40 storytellers, scientists, and writers on hand and over 40 sessions including panel discussions, writing workshops, presentations and more.

The theme this year is 'The Big Think'- very 'heady' stuff/attendees. One of the featured authors is Dr. Sheila Rowan, who is an experimental physicist and Director of the Institue for Gravitational Research in Glasgow. Very sci-fi, but not fiction at all, at that place.

Speaking of sci-fi, however, the author of the sci-fi novel 'The MartianAndy Weir will be the featured speaker on Saturday the 20th.  Though it's a sci-fi novel, nearly all of the science he used in the book is real. I guess being the son of a particle physicist will do that to you. He'll probably talk about how he wrote that book, and how he published it on his own. That alone is a great story.

The first night of the festival will feature an All-Star poetry reading. It could make for a great date-night! Friday will also feature free writing sessions, so if you're struggling as a writer, Boom!

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