It happened one evening. We had just finished dinner, when all of a sudden a bird swooped down onto our deck. It immediately walked to the sliding glass door and looked in. My husband was soon feeding it out of his hand. Cute, right? Maybe. But the dove really didn't want to leave us. It was landing on all of our heads, which absolutley freaks me out, as you can see in the video below. The bird really wanted to be inside our house. As soon as the door was open, it flew right in and sat on top of a lamp. Pooping everywhere, of course. I put a "found" ad on the Nextdoor neighborhood website.

Several people weighed in to tell me that this kind of dove is a Eurasian Collared Dove and is an invasive species. Ok, well, I didn't domesticate this bird, but, I am an animal lover and I did my best to keep it safe until it's owner eventually contacted me. Which happened the next evening. This was actually a really fun bird interaction for our whole family.

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