Han Solo claimed he did the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Which, of course, doesn’t make a lick of sense; because he sounds like he’s referencing how quickly he did it, when a parsec is a measure of distance. If you enjoyed those two sentences, you’re going to love this event!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Event
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Grab your sneakers and get your geek on at the 2nd annual ‘Kessel Run’ on May 4, 2017. Since that day, May 4, is known as ‘May the Fourth be With You Day’, the Poudre River Public Library District came up with this great event.

The Kessel run in ‘Star Wars’ is a smugglers’ hyperspace route used for spice deliveries from Kessel. The Kessel RUN, is a fun run/walk in Fort Collins at Library Park. Folks dress up in their favorite Star Wars garb, go for a little run (including obstacles and activities along the way), and then do an after-party. The best part about this geek-fest, is that it directly benefits children’s literacy through the Library District.

The after party will have prizes, food, and Star Wars movies. I love to get out for a run now and then, and I’m a decent fan of Star Wars, I think I’m in! Registration is a suggested $10, $15 if you’d like a shirt. Who WOULDN’T want a shirt? A shirt saying ‘I Did the Kessel Run’ would be awesome!

Get all the details HERE!

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