"Pardon me, this restaurant does not have a drive-through, sir." Words were likely spoken by somebody whether in jest - or truth - at some point in the last few days when a car came crashing through the storefront of a popular Mexican restaurant in Centennial.

The driver was intoxicated, and fortunately, nobody was hurt, as an SUV crashed through some posts, smashed through windows, and even severed a gas line for the building.

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The restaurant was El Señor Sol, located at 6651 S. University Ave in Centennial, and has been in business with multiple locations over the years since the early 90s.

Westword reports that over the years, the various locations started by Felipe Duran have closed one by one, leaving this now demolished location as the last functional El Señor Sol on the roster, though he does have another sister restaurant with the same menu called Camino Real, at 5935 South Zang Street in Littleton.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office says as a result of the accident, the building is now "uninhabitable," leaving the owners to focus on the one sister property. As of today, there is no word if or how long repairs to the restaurant will be expected to take.

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