The City of Fort Collins announced in a Facebook post that it has recently been receiving reports about raccoons that are acting odd or sick in several of the natural areas around town. 

In March, it was confirmed that raccoons in Larimer County had tested positive for canine distemper, but as of now, it is unknown as to what these recently reported raccoons are actually suffering from.

The City is reminding those who frequent natural areas to never feed wildlife or touch wild animals – whether dead or alive. It's important to always keep your pet on a leash and make sure they are up to date on all of their vaccinations. If you or your pet has direct contact with any wildlife, contact the Larimer County Health Department, 970-498-6775.

To report wildlife behaving abnormally, reach out to the Larimer Humane Society or to Animal Control at 970-226-3647, ext 7.

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